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Our Explainer Videos are created by top-level creative talent, but designed by world class marketers. You’ll get a video that looks amazing and delivers incredible results…  Work with us, and you’ll be the hero at your company.

This video got our client a promotion and smashed through his company KPI's
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Explainer Videos That Exceed Expectations.

You’ll find in your search for an explainer video vendor that there are quite a few. Some make really beautiful videos. But they aren’t engaging or persuasive at all. 

They’re creative, but they lack any marketing sense. Those companies would rather be creative and out there instead of clear and coherent. 

Other companies have great marketing sense but their videos look like they were made by a 5th grader (no offense to 5th graders). They may be persuasive and engaging, but the branding is all off and they make your company look unprofessional.

To succeed with video you need a healthy balance of creativity and marketing ability.

Exactly what we provide.

And because of this, the videos we create… Work extremely well.

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Get Ready For Your Promotion

For one of our regular clients, this really happened. We finished a video for his company before their deadline. It looked amazing. 

It exceeded their KPI’s by 3x. Upper management loved the video so much they gave their employee (our client) a promotion. 

We may have made the video, sure. But he made the decision to hire us for that project, and because he hired the right company for the job, he was well rewarded for it.

Now, this is an extraordinary circumstance, don’t expect this to happen. However, you can expect to get an amazing video, on time, that will not only make you look good, but deliver all of the results your company hoped to achieve.

It’s So Easy To Work With Us

Our No-Nonsense Process

Our no-nonsense process makes this an incredibly enjoyable experience. It’s a repeatable, proven process that ensures great results every time. We’ve worked hard to make our process as efficient and effective as possible. You’ll never be left in the dark and you’ll have as much creative control as you would like. You can also decide how much time you’d like to personally invest in the process as well. 

1. Video Assessment

This is where we learn everything we need to about your company

1. Video Assessment

You fill out a short form with all of the necessary info that we need. Once that's complete we get straight to work on your video!

2. Script

This is the most important part of your video. You get unlimited revisions on the script until it's approved!

2. Script

With the video assessment and our research, we'll write an irresistible script that speaks directly to your audience!

3. Voice Over

Not just the voice of your video, but a representative of your brand as well

3. Voice Over

Once the script is complete we'll have one of our expert VO artists record your voice over. All of our VO artists are professional voice-over actors trained in the most impactful acting techniques!

4. Storyboard

You'll see exactly what your video will look like. You get unlimited rounds of revisions on your storyboard!

4. Storyboard

Your storyboard will show keyframes of each scene in your video so you can see exactly what it will look like.

5. Animation And Editing

Where your video comes to life. You get unlimited rounds of revisions on the Animation & Editing!

5. Animation And Editing

Whether we're editing live-action shots together or animating a 2D character this is where your video really grabs your audience's attention!

6. Sound Design

So much more important than you think. You get unlimited rounds of revisions on the Sound Design!

6. Sound Design

Imagine watching a movie and during the saddest scene circus music comes on. It would kill the impact of that moment. That's why the music and sound effects that we create for your video are so important.
Some highlights of What We've Done
Some Of Our Work

Since our name really got out there, we’ve been hired by some of the biggest companies in the world. That means we can’t show you any of our new stuff (NDAs)… But what you can see is some of the older work that we’ve done in the past. If you have doubts, just reach out and we’ll send you some screenshots of some of our new work and can even put you in touch with some of our fortune 100 clients if you’d like to talk with them about their experience working with us.

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